Your ignorance

Your ignorance

While you are away, lies where coming into your door
When you were stressed, my mind was calming you down
What is scaring you away from me?
Where is your mind, my dear...
Why your mind is full of boxes....?
When I see your green eyes full of passion and mystery
I wonder why you cannot see the same fear into my eyes
The fear of losing you, the fear of losing me

I wait for your smile every day.
My secret is my wish for you to be here
Be here alive and pure with me 
In my reality as in my dreams.

When you speak into my ear, I never listen.
I feel your breath and I close my eyes,
I wait for your touch and your cute laugh,
your words your sweet words.

Why you are so ignorant?
I would fly with you to anywhere.
I would hug you every time you feel weak.
I would always smile to you. 

Because you are the only one accepting me.
I was never sweet for anybody else except you.
I forgot how is to be kind and sweet for someone.
I know how is to care for somebody else.

What is real, what is fake?
Your real careness.
I can see, we made ourselves happier than before.
I can read your eyes.

Why are we so ignorant?
Why  don't we embrace our love?
Why so lonely, so afraid?
Why not together?

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